Non-Profit Jobs Info

1The American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association offer a job as development director. The Development Director is responsible for recruiting corporate sponsorship. They are also responsible for community networking. The job requirements are a Bachelor’s degree, and 2 years in fundraising or marketing, as well as willingness to work in a team environment. To apply for Development Director, requires a full-time job.

Blue Shield is advertising a position in the Finance department making health care more accessible. The Director of Consumer Markets collaborates on all aspects of Markets Finance, the key finance partner to the Senior Vice President of Consumer Markets. The Director grows the consumer markets membership. The Director of Consumer Markets is a business advisor in this role.

Non-profits have a role called Chief Risk Officer who is responsible for risk evaluations and to assist various officials with risk assessment. CROs are people who implement equal opportunity within the framework of anti-discrimination, anti-harassment, and anti-retaliation policies. All that is required is a Bachelor’s degree, as well as preferably, an MBA or a master’s of public administration.

A development director is responsible for their organization’s fundraising efforts. Grantwriters work with development directors to apply for grants that support their organization. Other roles inside a non-profit include that of a volunteer coordinator. Program managers develop the a program and they are also called project managers. A community outreach coordinator deals with educating the public about the function of their non-profit. And finally, the chief executive officer is a public speaker for the non-profit. The CEO works with the Board to develop and implement general policies. The CEO must be capable of interfacing directly with the clientele of a non-profit.

See non-profit jobs for more information.


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