Executive Challenges for Profit and Non-Profit Organizations

Business man pointing the text: Non Profit

Executives creating a workforce through non-profit jobs

In the workforce, the environmental demands are continually rising. The need for good help is a challenge and employers often times go through agencies. Some agencies are built on contracts because their businesses need individuals who are available right away. Other agencies have partnered with the government to assist disabled or elderly individuals in seeking employment. The non-profit organization agencies receive a grant to meet operational standards that do not charge for services and will assist or refer individuals to available resources. Services are offered for non-emergency circumstances which are transportation to various locations such as grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments, therapies and tests. One of the organizations that most individuals are unaware of is the Goodwill Industries.

Goodwill Industries Nationwide

Goodwill is one of the organizations that offers non-profit jobs and services. Goodwill is a source for disabled veterans, physically challenged individuals, and others seeking to get back into the workforce. The items that are donated will be used to sell and build funding for services offered. A store within the building is setup for individuals to come in and purchase an item of their choice. These purchases will got back into the services being offered by Goodwill to help sponsor the different programs that assist individuals. One of Goodwill services is job search which seek employment and help create resumes. The qualifications are matched with employers seeking individuals who are available and willing to work. If the individual does not have an email account, one of the case managers will setup an account within their resource center where the person is able to come in at their convenience to log into the account and began the job search. The case manager will also assist in creating a resume implementing the skills and abilities for the individual. Non-profit organizations are a go-to for executives and individuals seeking the same resources.


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